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Have a question about our services? Choose a topic below to get the answers to our most frequently asked questions (FAQ). If you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us - we’ll be happy to assist you.

  1. Membership
    • How do I become a member?
      Simply fill out the "Membership Application" on our homepage, and a Bolongo agent will contact you in less than a business day to take you through the process.
    • What membership options are there?
      There are two options:
      1. Buyer’s Membership (no fee)
      2. Seller's Membership (fee)
    • What does membership include?
      Our free Buyer’s Membership includes:
    • 1. Access to our online marketplace, where finding and buying unused material is done in a matter of clicks.
    • 2. Access to online/offline bidding and price negotiation
    • 3. Document support
    • 4. Bolongo facilitates the completion of transactions, including payment and logistics (as needed)
    • There are three Seller's Membership options available:
    • 1. Market Membership
    • 2. Advantage Membership
    • 3. Advantage Plus Membership
    • Market Membership
    • For members who would like to use Bolongo’s marketplace to complement their current marketing efforts. Under a market membership, members utilize Bolongo’s marketing expertise without the transparency and on-going collaboration provided with an Advantage Membership. It includes:
    • 1. Bolongo markets material under a Bolongo account
    • 2. Bolongo manages the bidding process
      3. Member approves final price
    • 4. Bolongo facilitates the completion of transactions, including payment and logistics (as needed)
    • Advantage Membership
    • For members who value a material marketing partner with complete transparency. This is an exclusive membership, where the member receives all the benefits of a Market Membership plus:
    • 1. Bolongo exclusively posts and markets members’ material under seller’s account
      2. Seller can access and adjust posted information (price, quantity, description, etc.)
      3. Seller receives anonymous bids from pre-qualified buying members
      4. Fees on successful transactions are transparent and fixed
    • 5. Bolongo facilitates the completion of transactions, including payment and logistics (as needed)
    • Advantage Plus Membership
    • All the benefits of an Advantage Membership, plus dedicated material marketing services and procurement support to complement your supply chain needs - when and where you need it. No matter the size or scope, our experienced material marketers work with members to identify and exceed corporate goals for both buying and selling. See our leaflet or contact us for more information.
    • Do I have to get a membership for every employee?
      A single membership is all that’s needed for your company. If you feel comfortable sharing a single login profile between your employees, you can do so. However, if you want to monitor the Bolongo activity of individual users, we recommend a separate login for each. Advantage Memberships include three separate profiles. Separate login profiles under the company’s membership need to be requested and approved by Bolongo.
    • Do I have to renew my membership?
      Membership is renewed on a yearly basis. Bolongo will contact you 30 days prior to your renewal date to confirm your decision.
    • How much is membership?
      Please contact us for fee information.
  2. Selling
    • How do I sell inventory on Bolongo?
      Once you are signed up for one of our Seller's Memberships, Bolongo will provide you with login credentials to enter our marketplace. Once logged in, you can send us the details of the inventory you wish to sell.
    • What materials can I sell on Bolongo?
    • You can send us the details of any unused oilfied materials you want to sell and we'll post it for sale.
    • How do I send details of my unused, surplus inventory to Bolongo?
      It’s as easy as uploading a spreadsheet or whatever document you use to track your inventory. Bolongo’s agents will then post it to in our standardized format.
    • What if the details of my posted inventory are incorrect?
      We will notify you as soon as your inventory is posted. If there are any errors in the details, simply contact us and we’ll fix it immediately.
    • What if a bid is made based on incorrect information, like an incorrect ask price or quantity?
      If an error is overlooked and bid is made on this erroneous information, you can simply reject or counter-offer the original bid, or contact us to fix the information.
    • Do I have to buy material on Bolongo to be able to sell inventory?
      You do not have to buy in order to sell. However, you do require one of our seller's memberships to sell.
    • How does Bolongo post my inventory?
      Bolongo will post your inventory in our standardized format. Once posted, it will be searchable both by category and keyword.
    • Are images of inventory required? If so, how do I submit them?
      Images of inventory are not required. However, we strongly encourage you to include images as they enhance your chances to sell, just like on sites like Kijiji or eBay. You can submit them by uploading them or emailing them directly to
    • What happens if I sell posted inventory elsewhere?
      If you sell any inventory that you have posted on Bolongo elsewhere, let us know and we’ll take it down from the site.
    • Can multiple bids on inventory be made?
      Yes, any Bolongo Member can bid on posted inventory until a price is accepted.
    • What happens when I accept a bid price?
      When you accept a bid price, your inventory item will be closed off from all other bidders. A Bolongo agent will contact both you and the buyer to complete the transaction,
    • What if I accept a price accidentally?
      When you accept a price, a confirmation pop-up provides a second layer of security to make sure you didn’t accidentally click the accept button. When a bid is accepted, a Bolongo Agent will contact both you and the buyer to confirm the details. If you accidentally accepted the price, you can inform us at this time.
    • If someone bids on my inventory at an unacceptable price, what happens?
      You have the option to either reject the bid, or make a counter-offer. An important aspect of Bolongo is that we will monitor members’ actions to ensure any disruptive members will be warned of their actions and ultimately expelled from the service if they continue to field offensive bids.
    • How does inventory sold on Bolongo get transported to the buyer?
      Bolongo works with you and the buyer to ensure delivery is made.
    • How do I receive payment?
      Once we have received payment from the buyer, we will transfer (EFT) to your account, or provide a cheque for the sell price amount, less commission. For detailed information, contact us
  3. Buying
    • How do I find materials to buy?
      After you have signed up for a membership and received your login information from Bolongo, finding materials to buy is as easy as clicking “Search” in the top menu and browsing the list of materials available for sale. Once on the search page, you can search materials by category or keyword.
    • How do I bid on an item?
      When you find an item you are interested in, simply click the “Make Bid” button in the far-right column of the search page. Doing this will open the item’s detail page with where you can make a bid. The Ask Price and Quantity will show as default amounts. You can change these, the measurement units and even add an expiry date for your bid.
    • What happens when I send my bid?
      Once you click “Send Bid” the details of your bid will be sent to the seller. The bid details will be added into “My Bids” (accessed via “Buy” in top menu or under “My Account” on the Home page).
    • Can I change my bid?
      As long as the seller hasn’t taken any actions on your bid, you can change a bid at any time by clicking “Change Bid” on the “My Bids” page.
    • I’ve sent my bid, now what?
      Now that your bid has been sent to the seller, you have to wait until they take an action. Whatever action they take (accept price, counter offer, reject bid), you’ll be notified via email and pop-up notification on the “Notifications” page.
    • What if I made a mistake on a bid I sent?
      When you “Send Bid”, a confirmation pop-up provides a second layer of security to make sure you didn’t make any mistakes prior to clicking the button. If you accidentally proceed past the confirmation pop-up, you can immediately change the bid on the “My Bids” page. When a bid is accepted, a Bolongo Agent will contact both you and the seller to confirm the details. If your bid was in error, you can inform us at this time.  
    • What happens when the seller accepts my bid?
      When the seller accepts your bid, a Bolongo agent will contact both you and the seller to complete the transaction.
    • How does the material get transported to me?
      Bolongo works with you and the seller to ensure delivery is made.
    • How do I pay for the material?
      You can pay for the material by cheque or EFT. For detailed information, contact us.
  4. Other Services
    • Bolongo is not just an online marketplace. We are also experts in:

    • Supply Resourcing - If you need material that's not available in our marketplace, we'll find it for you
    • Materials Management - We'll help assess life cycles, evaluate inventory and consilidate information to maximize the marketing of your material.
    • RFP Management - We'll help you set up RFPs, analyze bids, quotes & proposals, and evaluate best offers to produce timely and effective purchases.