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About Us

Our inspiration is rooted in knowledge gleaned through years of experience in the domestic and international oil and gas industry. It’s the understanding that material and inventory management is a critical component of a successful oil and gas company.

Bolongo Surplus Ltd., a private Calgary, Alberta-based company, was created to find a solution for material and inventory management that is both efficient and unobtrusive.

The solution is, which was conceived by understanding the supply management component of the oil and gas business and combining it with the ease and convenience of online shopping.

And that’s our driving force – an easy solution. We combine the user-friendly functionality of an online marketplace with service backed by a wealth of industry experience.

With your membership we’ll take care of marketing your unused, surplus inventory to other members. If you need material for a project, find and bid for it on with a few mouse clicks.

Bolongo’s solution was designed to support your material and inventory management – no matter the size of your operation - freeing up your time to focus on more pressing tasks.

The Team

Garry Worth – Chairman

Garry has over 40 years’ experience in oil & gas, where he has found several domestic and international companies. With an extensive network of executive, technical and financial experts, he has managed multi-million dollar projects in various parts of the world. It is with this extensive background that Garry understands and appreciates the need for material management and the value of surplus inventory.

Stewart Worth – President and CEO

Stewart has over 20 years of business development and sales experience, with a successful track record of growing businesses in the energy industry. Based on a keen interest in client needs and requirements, Stewart strives to find solutions. Previously involved at senior levels within gas, power, engineering and supply companies, Stewart's expertise is in problem solving and providing client-based solutions.

Steven Stein – Senior Partner

Steve's a founding shareholder of Black Diamond Group and has been an Officer and Director since its inception. He is involved in spearheading a number of strategic, growth-related initiatives for Bolongo.

Bruce Keibel – Executive Vice President Operations, Sourcing, and Development

With over 25 years’ experience in Supply Chain Management (SCM), Bruce has a considerable amount of knowledge and experience, backed with a valuable longstanding network of industry peers. With substantial tenure at a major midstream company, he understands the importance of effectively managing surplus materials - especially in these tough market conditions.

James Kroeger – Vice President, Marketing & Operations

James has over 20 years of experience in marketing and operations within software, telecommunications, banking and the oil & gas industry. Driven by both efficiency and client experience, he strives to find the balance between usability and function that’s at the root of any successful solution.

James Heck - Director, Strategic Accounts

James spent 10 years working in the areas of procurement and material asset management to support transmission line and oil and gas projects. He succeeds at performing financial analyses to influence procurement decisions and operationalizing his client’s needs to capitalize on revenue generating opportunities. 

Raymond Wah - Partner, Mexico and South America

Raymond has more than 30 years of business development experience with several successful companies. With strong business and personal connections throughout Mexico and Latin America, Mr. Wah has an excellent regional understanding of supply chain management within both domestic and international distribution channels. His focus on transparent working relationships supports and strengthens Bolongo’s international footprint.